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Fulfilling Family Feasts


Feasta is a catering company that serves the Donegal food market, bringing high-quality food to your occasion. "Feasta" is the Irish word for "Feast" or "Banquet", which is exactly the type of meal Feasta provides. Offering varied, beautifully cooked platters of meat, funky modern accompaniments, along with all the old favourites. The crown in place of the fada in the logo, a nod to our Old High Kings of Ireland, the curved border symbolic of the round tables at which they would have sat Feasta is owned and operated by Mountcharles, Donegal native Sinead McTernan, Sinead has been cooking for 16years, has worked and travelled in various parts of 4 different continents, worked with many talented chefs and gathered a wide knowledge of food. Time to bring it to your table!

Sinead McTernan

"Sinead top class service last night, food was incredible and plenty for lunch the next day. Thank you!"
"Thank you for everything, I can't recommend you highly enough!"
"Food was absolutely amazing. Everyone asking about who you are and how to book you."
"From the flavour to the presentation, honestly, we've had outside catering before but this tops it by far!"
"Sinead the food is absolutely amazing everyone is talking about it, thank you so much"